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September 2013

Ensuring That Your Austin Trade Show Installation Is A Success

San Antonio Trade Show InstallationIf your Austin trade show installation goes off without a hitch, you’ve got the makings of a successful show. However, if the installation process is riddled with problems, your entire event could be overwhelming and stressful. To make sure that your event is a successful one, use these tips from Xtreme Xhibits before your Austin trade show installation even begins.

Interview Austin Trade Show Installation Teams

You won’t be the one to actually put your exhibit up in your allotted space — this job is for your installation team. Your installation team is vitally important to the success of your exhibit so it’s critical that they know what they’re doing. Ask your team leader how many other installations they’ve worked on and what type of experience they have with your exhibit style.

Communicate With Your Austin Trade Show Installation Team

Before you even arrive at the event, call your team and tell them the details and provide clear expectations so there’s no confusion during the installation process. You’ll want to provide them with diagrams of your setup, as well as how you want your booth situated in the space. Ask for cell phone contact information so that you can call your installation team if anything comes up later on.

Double Check Flooring And Electrical Outlets Before The Installation

If you’re not going to be there to check to make sure your flooring and electrical outlets are installed correctly, ask your Austin trade show installation team to check on this for you. You’ll want both these things done before your team arrives so that there’s no delay when they are ready to start working. Tell them what to look for to make sure that the outlets are placed in the right spot and that the flooring is the right color and type.

Give Your Austin Trade Show Installation Team Any Special Tips And Tricks To Make The Job Easier

If you have photos of your exhibit, pass them on to the Austin trade show installation team. This will help them to know exactly where different elements — such as lighting or monitors — should be installed. This is also especially helpful if you have complicated components within your displays.

Don’t Hover, But Don’t Be Afraid To Check In With Your Team

Your Austin trade show installation team should be well-versed with all aspects of the installation process, which means they probably don’t need you to hover over them. If you’re constantly in your exhibit space when they’re trying to work, chances are good that you’ll just be in their way. Although you want to leave them alone so they can work, you shouldn’t be afraid to check on them from time to time.

Stop by in person, but take care to stay out of the exhibit space. It can be tempting to call instead of stopping by, however if your team needs to stop what they’re doing to answer the phone repeatedly, you’ll be interrupting their work. If you stop by in person, you can let them know that you’re just there in case they have questions, but they don’t need to stop working.

These small tricks and tips can help ensure that your Austin trade show installation is a success, which can start your trade show off on the right foot. To learn more about the installation process or Xtreme Xhibits, visit

The Number One Mistake Companies Make At Their San Antonio Trade Show Stands

Trade Show Stand in San Antonio

Whether you’re a new exhibitor or you’ve been in sales a long time, it’s easy to make mistakes with your San Antonio trade show stands. Before you attend your next event, learn about the top three mistakes exhibitors make — you might be surprised at how easy it is to avoid these mistakes.

Mistake #3: Focusing Solely On Giveaways At Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands

Giveaways are so common at San Antonio trade show stands — you can’t walk by a booth without seeing employees handing out small items like pens, notepads or other office supplies. However, these giveaways can create major problems for companies if employees focus too much time on giving them out and not enough energy on actually making a sale. If you have giveaways, make sure that they enhance your sales presentation instead of being the entire focus.

Mistake #2: Neglecting The Design Of Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands

It’s true that the design of your San Antonio trade show stands is vitally important. A great design can instantly attract attention to your company and draw people in, so make sure that you’re working with a professional design company like Xtreme Xhibits to ensure that you have a killer design. A professional design company will take a look at your company and seamlessly incorporate your mission statement, your company colors, your logo and your company’s culture to create a one of a kind branded message that delivers results. 

The #1 Mistake Companies Make At Their San Antonio Trade Show Stands: Not Interacting Enough With Customers

The number one mistake that companies make at their San Antonio trade show stands is really easy to avoid! It’s neglecting to engage with customers at the exhibit! If your employees are spending their time looking at their phones or chatting with each other instead of engaging with customers, you’ve got a problem.

Instead, make sure that every employee who is working your San Antonio trade show stands is fully trained on greeting customers the instant a visitor enters the exhibit. If the exhibit is full of customers and all your employees are occupied, a simple wave, nod or even just a smile will acknowledge waiting customers and make them feel important and valued.

When you do finally get to verbally greet that waiting customer, thank them for waiting. A few simple words of appreciation will go a long way toward eliminating any negative feelings about a lengthy wait. Then, ask them open-ended questions that get to the bottom of why they’re visiting your San Antonio trade show stands. Are they looking for a solution to a problem? Or are they unhappy with their current service provider? Avoid questions like ‘Are you enjoying the show?’ These questions won’t help you learn anything about this customer and his or her needs.

 Although the number one mistake is the most common, it’s easy to avoid making all three of these errors with your San Antonio trade show stands. Train your staff on how to avoid these mistakes and you might be surprised at how much your sales figures improve after the event.