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August 2011

Choosing Giveways For Your San Antonio Trade Show Displays

Giveaways at your San Antonio trade show displays are a great way to attract attention, but some companies are hesitant to do use them. If you’re not sure why you should give away items at your San Antonio trade show exhibits, consider these points.


Why Bother Giving Away Freebies At Your Austin Trade Show Display

It’s well known that certain giveaways bring in traffic to San Antonio trade show displays. These giveaways can help improve exposure to your brand, as well as strengthen your company’s image in the eyes of current customers. Giveaway items will also work alongside your promotional literature and samples.


What Items Should You Give Away?

The right giveaway can make or break an Austin trade show display. When determining what types of items you should use, consider these points:

  • Image – Consider your company’s image before choosing a promotional giveaway for your San Antonio trade show displays. The items should be consistent with the image you want to convey.
  • Price – Many companies look through the catalog of promotional materials and choose the cheapest item possible to give away at their San Antonio trade show exhibits. Sure this can save your company money up front, but what happens if a client gets a pen that doesn’t work and throws it out immediately when they leave your Austin trade show display? This item hasn’t done you any good. Spend a little more for a quality product that will last and keep your name in the front of your client’s mind.
  • Utility – Giving away a one of a kind item attracts attention and ensures extended exposure. Right or wrong, people feel like an exclusive product is valuable. When choosing your giveaway, look for someone that’s unique, but also useable. Things like pens and notepads are usable and can be unique if you choose one that stands out from the rest. Other things you can give away include portfolios, calendars and notepads, but consideration should be given to high-tech items like USB drives and WiFi finders. Other unique and useful items include tote bags and hand sanitizer.
  • Contact information – Handing out a pen, notepads or other items will do you no good if they’re not branded. Make sure everything you’re handing out has your logo or business name on it, as a bare minimum. It’s better if you can add in a website, phone number or other contact information so clients won’t have to go far to find you.


Using Your San Antonio Trade Show Displays To Distribute Giveaways

Giveaways need to be handed out in a productive manner. You want to get your gifts in the hands of the decision makers at the companies you’re talking with. Also, don’t leave your gifts piled on the table for people to take from your San Antonio trade show displays. If you do this, customers will see little to no value in something you’re will to hand out so easily. Instead, make it a point to hand a gift to each customer personally.

One way to do this is to use an attention getting device like a prize wheel. A prize wheel will let your visitors spin a wheel at your Austin trade show display to win one of your prizes. Afterwards, consider asking visitors what they thought of your prizes and how you could improve the next time you take your San Antonio trade show displays somewhere else.

There’s definite value in handing out free gifts at your San Antonio trade show exhibits, especially if you choose a product that people want, you could see a great return on your investment.

Ensuring A Successful Trade Show Installation In San Antonio: 3 Important Tips

Marketing conventions are vital for companies looking to make new connections and meet new clients. Companies of every size and industry use their trade show exhibits in San Antonio to promote themselves and network. While manning your San Antonio trade show booth can be time consuming, it’s usually well worth the cost and effort to target a specific type of customer and create excitement about a product or service.


A Trade Show Installation In San Antonio Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

It’s rare to find anyone who can argue effectively against the benefits of using trade show exhibits in San Antonio. However, the planning and pre-date set up for the trade show installation in San Antonio can sometimes be a deterrent. With a little planning ahead of time, San Antonio trade show booth setup can be a breeze.

Make A List And Check It Twice: Before taking your trade show exhibits to San Antonio, make a list of everything that needs to be completed and assign the task to the responsible person. This list can include times like filling out service order requests, submitting your EAC letter, and determining the floor plan and where the electrical outlets will be if you need electricity during your trade show installation in San Antonio.

A ‘to-do’ list is important, but a practice run can be just as important. Gather up your team and work on a dry run before the event. Outline where every component will go during your San Antonio trade show installation and demonstrate how everything should look. This will help answer any questions before the actual event.

Find A Qualified Shipper: Finding a reputable shipper is a must. If you’re shipping your trade show exhibits to San Antonio, it’s important to choose a shipper based on more than just price. Price is important, but the last thing you want to do is decide to use an unreliable shipper just because they’re cheap. What happens if you use a less expensive shipping company? You may save money but you are not guaranteed that your San Antonio trade show booth will arrive on time. Make sure to get a tracking number so you know where your display is and don’t hesitate to make a call to the venue to make sure the items all arrived in one piece.

Use A Reputable Company To Handle Trade Show Installation In San Antonio: Trade show installation is extremely important. If the company you choose mismanages your installation, it could cause big problems during the event. Choose a company that manages designing the initial San Antonio trade show booth, as well as installation to streamline the entire process.

If the promotional materials are already designed and you only need installation services, try to use nationally recognized companies. Price should be a determining factor, but the biggest consideration should be on the reputation of the business. Working with a company that’s known for its service and prompt and proper set up will help sure a smooth event.

How Banner Stands In Austin Can Help Add Impact And Flair To Your Trade Show Booths

Business owners and managers of large corporations and small companies alike know that using professional, eye-catching and informative trade show booths in Austin is an easy way to make an impact at conventions. A trade show display in Austin can be extremely portable or require professional assistance with the installation. No matter what type of trade show display in Austin you’ve chosen to use, you’ll be able to engage current and prospective clients, as well as show them why your company is the best choice to fill their need.


Banner Stands In Austin: Consider These A Must Have

Most trade show booths in Austin can stand alone, but adding something like banner stands in Austin just enhances the overall look and experience. Banner stands in Austin come in a variety of models, so it’s important to understand the differences between each type. Understanding the basic terminology and the differences in designs and features can help decide between the different types of banner stands in Austin.

X Design: X design banner stands in Austin have an X shaped frame. The graphic clips onto the frame and is held tightly on all four sides.

Retractable Design: These banner stands in Austin can also be called a ‘roll-up’ banner stand. These are a little like window shades, and they roll up quickly and easily. These types of banner stands in Austin come in a variety of sizes and display options. Because they are extremely portable, this type is a popular choice for companies around the world. It’s possible to find retractable stands with interlocking, retractable frames so that companies can connect multiple units to further the promotional message’s impact.

L Design: These banner stands in Austin have an L shaped frame that showcases the final marketing displays.

Pole Tension Designs: These banner stands in Austin come with a stand that uses tension and pressure to adjust to different heights. Because it’s easy to adjust the height, graphics can be changed to ensure a customized message for each venue.

Scrolling Options: Some models have ceiling and floor mount designs that can convey messages, images and graphics. Users can chose to use different heights to make sure that the impact can be customized for each different marketing event.


Choose A Reputable Company For Graphics For Your Trade Show Booths In Austin

The options for your banner stands in Austin are limitless. If you’re interested in doing more than just the same old boring design, consider teaming up with a company that can provide you with some ideas. These professionals can help you determine if you should use dual sided imaging, a simple retractable banner stand or interchangeable components.

When choosing a company to work with, make sure to use one that can create a visually stunning final product, but also work tirelessly to ensure you receive the product you’re expecting. You want to make sure you’re receiving a finished product that maintains your brand’s image and directly complements your overall trade show booths in Austin.

Maximizing The ROI On Your San Antonio Trade Show Exhibit In Six Easy Steps

A San Antonio trade show exhibit is one way companies can show off their products and connect with clients, but it’s also a great way to create visual interest for event attendees. Companies can use a variety of options that create a multisensory experience to really impress prospective clients who are wandering around the other trade show displays in San Antonio. An event like a trade show can provide an excellent opportunity to show off your company’s trade show booths in San Antonio, no matter what industry you’re in.


Working Trade Show Displays In San Antonio Takes More Than Just A Day

Preparing before taking your trade show booths to San Antonio is critical. A San Antonio trade show exhibit is an excellent way to get your name out to contacts, but it’s important to take care to ensure that every lead, contact and potential deal is pursued. A checklist of the most important tasks will help ensure your company gets the most out of every marketing seminar you attend.

Choosing The Right Event: Choosing the right event is crucial. If you’re attending an event that’s not optimized for your company or your industry, you could be wasting your time. It’s a good idea to wait until an event hast past its first year and instead choose events that have been proven year after year. If you’re interested in seeing if an event is right for your business, consider participating as an attendee instead of bringing your San Antonio trade show exhibit.

Choose Giveaways With Care: Many companies use giveaways to attract attention to their trade show displays in San Antonio. This is a great idea, but many companies worry that they have to give a prize that’s expensive to create excitement. It’s possible to find something that’s affordable, yet functional and distinctive. Give your prizes out to everyone who visits your trade show booths in San Antonio, even if you think they’re unlikely to buy something from your business.

Be Assertive, But Not Aggressive: Empower and train the staff of your trade show displays in San Antonio on how to engage and greet attendees. They should keep interactions professional and simple and not act so aggressively that potential customers are turned off. Although not all visitors will become customers, they should still be treated with warmth and respect.

Analyze Your Competition: If you have the chance, walk a lap or two around and look at the other trade show booths in San Antonio. This is an excellent way to get new ideas and see what your competition is doing.

Use Brand Consistency: All your marketing materials should be updated to ensure you’re providing customers with a unified view of your trade show booths in San Antonio. If you’ve recently updated your logo, your website or any other easily identified parts of your brand, make sure to update your San Antonio trade show exhibit. If you make your trade show displays in San Antonio appealing and engaging, you’ll be able to attract more of a crowd.

Analyze After The Event: It’s important to do a thorough analysis after each event. Plan a meeting with everyone who’s participated throughout the convention so you can get an insider’s view on how the event could have gone better, what worked and what didn’t. Put together a list of all the sales leads and contacts and make sure to follow up on each one to make sure you don’t miss out on an important sale.