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July 2011

Portable Exhibits On A Budget: Getting More While Spending Less

In an ideal world, every company would have the best professional designers creating customized portable displays on an unlimited budget. In the real world, your company has constraints that need to be considered. No matter how tight your budget may be, you can still use banner stands and other portable displays to create a strong, mobile exhibit – you just need to think a little outside the box.


An Inexpensive Temporary Option: Rent Portable Exhibits

If your company doesn’t plan to use the portable displays often, you can feel free to rent them rather than buying. Rental portable exhibits have a lot more customizability options today than ever before, making them a great choice for any business. Today’s convention attendees can’t tell rented banner stands from purchases because of the advanced customizability and seamless integration. Renting portable displays becomes even more cost effective when you focus on reusable graphics, which can be recycled on other banner stands and portable exhibits in years to come.

Renting is also useful for individual situations even if your company normally maintains one or more portable exhibits. For example, you might want to test out a new design or take a risk before deciding to ultimately purchase or not. Alternatively, you might want a presence at two conventions happening over the same time period. Renting banner stands for one and showing your usual portable exhibits at the other is a great way to be strong at both.


Banner Stands Are The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Option

Banner stands are an economical and yet highly dynamic addition to your convention presence. They are quite cost effective for several reasons. First, their initial purchase price is low, allowing you to buy as many as needed without rising costs. Secondly, they are very adaptable. The same banner stand’s base can be re-used with different graphics, cutting down on your costs if you want to change the theme. Banner stands can be placed alone, but they can also be lined up to create one continuous image. In addition, after the convention is over, banner stands can often have a use back in the office, especially in a lobby or conference room.

Although banner stands are inexpensive, you should be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. Banner stands still require a minimum level of quality in order to be a good investment. Shop around and take time to find the best option for your needs.


Table Top Displays Can Be Cost Effective

 Table top portable displays are also inexpensive and portable exhibits, although a single table top unit will typically cost more than single banner stands. Their biggest advantage is that they have a lot of variety while being tremendously easy to set up. These portable displays are typically ready to go in less than 10 minutes, and they look very professional and polished. There are also many different options to choose from, including small banner stands and pop up portable displays. Because they sit atop a table, they provide natural space for small items like business cards or brochures to be displayed.


Can You Save By Updating Your Current Portable Displays?

In some cases, you don’t need to buy a new unit at all – your old one simply needs a facelift to get it back to optimal functioning. This isn’t something you should try to do alone, as it may require making some changes to your current portable exhibits. Find a company that has done a lot of portable displays in the past, and that understands your budget needs.

Just because your budget is tight doesn’t mean you have to settle on subpar portable displays. These money-saving tips will help you get a great result, even on a shoestring budget.

How To Create Outstanding Portable Exhibits: Banner Stands, Table Top Displays, And More

Although most modern venues can accommodate the standard 10′ by 10′ trade show display, there are many situations where you cannot bring a full size unit, or where it would be prohibitively inconvenient to do so. In that case, having portable displays to take the place of your units will make a strong statement wherever they are used and be an excellent back-up.


Option #1: Banner Stands

Banner stands are one of the most flexible and inexpensive types of portable exhibits. They look great once set up, with vibrant colors and a relatively large display area. However, they can be packed away into a much smaller container for travel, which makes them ideal when space is tight. Typically, banner stands actually roll up, and then their actual stand can be folded away. They fit easily inside small cases, often able to be put over a shoulder or hand carried. There are many different variations that build upon basic banner stands, including curved models, double-sided banner stands, and even banner stands with built in literature holders and room to display small and lightweight products.


Option #2: Table Top Displays

There are many situations where you need your portable exhibits to sit atop a table. This kind of display setup is so common that you can get a table top display specifically designed for table top use from every major company. Within this selection of portable exhibits you’ll have a lot of different choices to make. How big do you want it to be? What kind of material should it be made from? How portable does it have to be? How wide?

No matter what choice you make, virtually all table top displays are fast to set up and easy to carry. They are not quite as tall as most banner stands, and they also are not as versatile because they are hard to use in situations where you might not have a table. However, many companies find table top displays to be inexpensive yet highly effective options for their portable exhibit needs.


Option #3: Totally Unique Portable Exhibits

If banner stands and table top displays have one flaw, it’s that they are available to everyone at all conventions. There are thousands of ways to make them unique with design features, but the basics will remain similar. The best way to make your portable exhibits stand out is to use both banner stands and table top displays together. The differences between them will complement one another, and they’ll also provide a lot more visual interest and thus get more visitors to your booth.

There are many ways to combine these units, but some of the most common involve using taller banner stands alongside table top displays. You can emphasize different products on each, or even create a unified graphic that stretches artistically across all of them. The choices are nearly endless, and it’s very difficult to go wrong. All you need to do is ensure that you maintain a consistent theme throughout, and that it’s easy for visitors to recognize that all elements of the portable displays belong to your company.

When used well, banner stands and table top displays can be every bit as effective as your full sized unit. Whether you’re seeking a more intimate presence for a smaller show, or just don’t have the room at your next convention, give these tips a try and enjoy a successful event.

Tips For Shining The Spotlight On Your Trade Show Installation At The Next Convention

Everyone who sets up a trade show booth at a convention wants to get noticed, but all that competition can make it difficult for your trade show installation to stand out. These ideas will help you ensure that all eyes are on your trade show exhibit, and that you get the most qualified leads to make the event a clear success.


Start Planning Early, And Be Ready To Negotiate

You’ve probably been told by event planners that all space is provided on a first come, first served basis: the earlier you register, the more choices you have. While this is always true to some extent, savvy companies know that you can always negotiate the details about your trade show booth. You’ll want to arrange a truly premium location for your trade show installation, even if you have to pay a bit more to manage it.

What is a premium location? Well, most novice planners think that a trade show exhibit right in the middle of everything is the best idea. While such a trade show booth will get a lot of people looking at it, it will quickly become lost in the shuffle. There isn’t time or space for people to truly absorb the message of a trade show installation in the middle of the hubbub. You get a few seconds of face time before your prospect is whisked away by the crowd. The best place for your trade show exhibit is just off that main thoroughfare, visible from it but not encompassed by the same kind of crowds. Make sure that your trade show booth isn’t too far away from the action, or you run the risk of being overlooked!


An Inviting Trade Show Booth Will Draw More Visitors

Having a lot of display space in your trade show exhibit is a good idea, but too much wall space will lead the trade show installation to become small and cramped. People don’t want to step inside a dark, tiny space, let alone actually spend time talking to sales people in there. The negative, or empty, space is just as important as what is actually printed. Make sure people have ample room to maneuver inside your trade show booth and to view all sides of double-sided display elements.


Encourage Attendees With Trade Show Installation Pre-Registration

Driving traffic isn’t simply a matter of luck. One of the best ways to get attendance up is to let people know you’re coming. A few weeks before the convention, send out pre-registration forms to let local attendees know that your trade show exhibit will be present at the upcoming convention. In exchange for their contact information, offer them a small gift or a chance at a larger prize to be claimed at your trade show booth. This ensures that you get their contact information and gives them a reason to head straight for your trade show installation on convention day.


Grab A Spot On The Presentation Schedule

Conventions aren’t just about the trade show exhibit hall; there are many other activities, including presentations. Anyone who stands up and gives a presentation will automatically be viewed as an authority by the audience. If you can, ensure that you or one of your key staff members is on that presentation schedule so you get the credibility boost and increased attendance that comes with it. In addition, the credentials of each presenter are typically listed in the program, further reinforcing your company’s knowledge and experience.

Any of these tips will help your trade show installation get noticed at the next convention, but for maximum impact you should use them all. No matter how many conventions you’ve attended before or will attend in the future, you can’t go wrong when you use these ideas.

Make Your Trade Show Displays Exciting With A Big Giveaway

Any company can give away small items in an attempt to draw attention at a trade show. While smaller items can bring in visitors, they cannot usually compare with the attraction of a larger big ticket item. Choosing to give away a big ticket item will help your pop up displays get noticed and bring in more visitors, whether you use them instead of or alongside your smaller gifts.


What Makes Gifts Work At Trade Show Displays?

Portable displays with giveaways are proven to attract more attention for a simple reason: people love free stuff. They will take virtually any kind of free stuff, and will go out of their way to get it. The more valuable and useful the freebies, the more they’ll do in order to obtain the item or get a chance at obtaining it if it is raffled.

Choosing a larger gift will increase the amount of buzz and interest that your trade show displays generate. In addition, larger gifts can be used to qualify leads, whereas smaller gifts are given out fairly indiscriminately. Finally, larger gifts will set your company apart in the eyes of your visitors, and give them a stronger positive impression of you. Bigger ticket items are an almost guaranteed way to make a favorable start with a new client.


What Should You Be Giving Away At Your Portable Displays?

The best gifts – regardless of price – are high quality items that are small enough to be easily carried through a long day at the convention. People aren’t likely to go home after winning a big ticket item at your pop up displays, so you need to ensure they’ll be comfortable carrying it afterward. Additionally, you’ll want the item to carry your company logo, or some other reminder of the source. When your visitors see the item, it should remind them of your portable displays and therefore your company.

There are many items that fit this description. Small electronics like iPods and iPads are always a good choice. In addition, high quality watches can work well. Anything larger than this starts to become a problem, as your visitors may not be able to readily carry it. Be equally careful that you don’t choose something too small, like a bracelet or piece of loose jewelry, which might get lost.


Targeting Your Giveaways With Tickets Redeemable At Your Pop Up Displays

It is difficult to qualify leads on the spot at your convention, yet it’s beneficial to target your most likely customers with your biggest giveaways. One good way to accomplish this is by sending out tickets ahead of time. You can handpick the most promising individuals, and then when your portable displays get set up you’ll be ready to meet with them and have them collect their prize. In addition, these tickets ensure that you’ll gain the attention of your most valuable prospects. If they feel as though they have been selected and are excited to see what gift they get, they’ll head directly to your trade show displays as soon as they enter the convention, bypassing all your competitors.


Holding Contests To Drive Up The Excitement Factor

Giveaways attract attention only when people know about them. One of the best ways to let people know about your giveaways is to have them given away through a contest. There are many different types of contests that you could choose, including spinning wheels, scratch cards, and money machines. All of these are very obvious and sensational things, and will make it very clear that you’re giving away something big. When combined with giveaways, they are almost sure to make people stop and visit your pop up displays.