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August 2009

Evidence of Recycling Success

Yesterday Xtreme Xhibits made its second trip to a local Austin recycling facility in as many months.

Austin’s downtown recycling center, Ecology Action, was encircled with cars and trucks whos passengers were offloading recyclables into numerous bins and dumpsters marked with handmade signs.

Upon seperating our plastics, aluminum and paper recyclables, Xtreme Xhibits received a weight ticket noting our trip’s contributions. The ticket reads as follows:

Approx. 100 lbs of assorted plastics
50 lbs of assorted paper waste
5 lbs of aluminum cans

Since the inception of our in-house recycling efforts, Xtreme Xhibits has averted over 200 lbs of waste from area landfills. Keeping pace with these numbers, Xtreme Xhibits should expect to steer more than 1 ton of recyclables away from hazardous and unconstructive waste disposal sites.

Shedding the Pounds

Xtreme Xhibits’ first trip to a local Austin recycling facility proved quite eye-opening. Recyclables for our first run are as follows:

3.0 lb of Metal-Aluminum Cans
54.0lb of Plastic

We are again gearing up for another run, and easily have twice the amount of recyclables as our first trip. With the office paper waste to be included in our next run, Xtreme Xhibits is sure to see continued progress in our in-house recycling intiative.

Check back to see (by the numbers) how our internal green intitiatives are furthering the betterment of the Austin Community.

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